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Group Life Insurance

An essential part of an employee benefits package

Group Life insurance enables an employer to provide a lump sum benefit in the event of an employee's death. Cover can be provided for the entire workforce or a defined category of employees. It is considered an essential employee benefit, providing valuable financial peace of mind in the event of an employee death, whilst demonstrating that an employer cares for the welfare of its workforce.

Why choose us?

With WellNewMe, you get three services for the same price affordable price as if you were purchasing group life insurance from anywhere else. You get more value for your money. We offer a 3 in 1 employee benefits package – Group Life Insurance, Wellbeing and Rewards.


Get Group Life cover that offers great deal of flexibility with which you can choose different levels of benefits for different types of employee; such as directors, managers and staff. Or you can offer the same level of benefits to all.


Ensure your employees stay healthy with our online health risk assessments which offer timely and personalised recommendations in improving health outcomes. Foster a healthy culture in your employees to ensure they live a healthier life.


We reward top performers from the health assessments; specifically, those who have made the most effort in engaging in the management of their health via our platform with offers from selected partners.


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