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WelNewMe empowers people to live healthier, happier lives for the rest of their life.


About Us

WellNewMe is a health technology company that helps our clients to improve overall health benefits efficiency, affordability, and competitiveness to ultimately develop and sustain a healthy, high-performing workforce.

Your organisation’s greatest asset is the people within it – that’s why WellNewMe helps employers create healthy, safe, and happy workplaces where employee wellbeing is a top priority. At WellNewMe, we provide data-driven, insight-led solutions in the area of healthcare benefits that make your organization more resilient, motivate your workforce, and maximize performance.

We work hand in hand with you, bringing diverse points of view and a deep commitment to your success. Informed by A global view and the local understanding of your challenges we transform your toughest challenges into actionable opportunities and set you on the path for sustainable success.

Having started in April, 2018, WellNewMe has been recognised internationally and nationally for the great work we do, including being shortlisted by the Royal Academy of Engineering‘s Africa Prize for Innovation in Engineering that recognises innovative companies on the continent. We were also selected by Merck, a global pharmaceuticals company, as one of the best e-health companies in West Africa as nominated for The Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards as an innovative health service provider.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading companies in the world in the provision of health benefits where we able to have a significant impact on reducing lost productivity in the workplace due to poor health as well as the associated socioeconomic costs.

Our Mission

We understand that people are at the front and centre of any successful organisation. Being able to attract, keep and inspire them is what leads to organisations achieving their goals. We do this by offering truly meaningful health benefits through a platform that acts as a single source of truth for companies to communicate their culture and values when it comes to employee wellbeing.

Data Driven Health Benefits

WellNewMe provides an algorithm-based health benefits and risk assessment platform that enables organisations to
  • care for their people, via the provision of the appropriate health benefits to support their physical and menjtal wellbeing
  • provide their people feedback in real-time with respect to their health status and action plans needed for positive change
  • celebrate their people, by recognising hard work and key milestones along their journey

Our services address the top issues employers of all sizes are facing to better meet employees' needs:

Health Benefits Strategy Design and Implementation

This involves the creating and executing a plan that provides employees with access to health benefits. It includes helping clients and their employees in selecting the right health benefits, designing an effective communication strategy, implementing the plan, and monitoring the results.

The first step is to select an appropriate health plan. This means considering factors such as employee needs, budget, and the type of coverage desired. While the design an effective communication strategy involves developing materials that will clearly explain the health benefits and how they can be used. It will include how the plan will be promoted and marketed to ensure that employees understand their options.

Next is enrolling employees in the plan, ensuring that the plan is properly administered, and monitoring the results to ensure that the plan is working as intended. Finally, it is important to monitor the results of the plan.

Health Benefits Financial Management

Financial management is a key component of health benefits management and involves budgeting and forecasting, monitoring of financial performance, and creating strategies to meet the financial objectives of the organization.

Financial management also involves monitoring and controlling costs, ensuring compliance with government regulations and statutory requirements, and preparing financial reports which includes tracking the utilization of the plan and any changes in the cost of coverage.

Integrated Employee Wellbeing

An Integrated Employee Wellbeing Programme is an approach to workplace health and safety that involves providing employees with a comprehensive range of resources, support and activities aimed at promoting their physical and mental health.

The programme typically includes elements such as health screening, stress management, physical activity, nutrition education, mental health support and employee assistance programmes.

The approach is designed to be proactive, rather than reactive, and to take a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. The goal is to create a workplace culture that fosters health and wellbeing and supports employees to lead healthier and more productive lives.

Employee Choice, Personalization and Experience

Employee choice, personalization, and experience are all important components to ensuring the success of any organization. By allowing employees to choose their work environment, tasks, and tools, they are able to customize their own experience and have a sense of ownership.

This allows them to feel more engaged and invested in the company's success. Additionally, organizations should strive to create a positive and enjoyable employee experience.

This can be done through providing a comfortable and stimulating work environment, offering meaningful and challenging work, and encouraging collaboration. By making these efforts, organizations can establish an environment where employees feel valued, appreciated, and empowered.








Meet Our Team

Dr. Obi Igbokwe

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Medical doctor and health informatician with close to 20 years’ experience as a software engineer and data scientist.

Dr. Dayo Sobamowo

Co-Founder / Director

Medical doctor, healthcare management consultant and former investment banker with FCMB Capital Markets.

Nnamdi Nwoye

Co-Founder / Director

Serial entreprenuer and Lagos Business School graduate overseeing strategy and operations of WellNewMe.

Dr. Mamsallah Omisore

Co-Founder / Technical Advisor

Clinician and health policy consultant providing technical guidance for WellNewMe program design and development.

Our Partners

Africa Prize for Innovative Engineering by The Royal Academy of Engineers
Pitch@Palace Alumni
Transformative Technology Academy Alumni