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WellNewMe offers an online platform which is a launch pad for the servcies listed below.

Employee Health Benefits

Utilising a pro-active risk reduction strategy that empowers employees to understand their health status and actions is key in impacting employee engagement and productivity positively. Research has clearly demonstrated that workplace wellbeing delivered with the apporpriate health benefits are a useful tool that enables employers to achieve that goal.

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Community Wellness

For evidence-based approaches to improving health outcomes within communities. We are able to offer comprehensive health benefits digitally to formal and informal communities outside the corporate structure. Community members have the opportunity to learn about their health status, receive information on health action and continue to engage flexibly with the platform.

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Insurance Assessments

Our platform can be used to assist health & life insurance providers. Insurance companies can quantitatively and qualitatively assess health status of potential enrolees thereby offering tiered and customer-friendly products as well as provide their current enrolees, who can be provided with specific health positive recommendations as a value added service.

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Look beyond the results and get consultations on a number of health intervention techniques. We provide timely and evidence-based recommendations on the appropriate steps to take in order to achieve the optimal level of wellbeing within the populations we provide service for. This can be delivered via interactive reports on our platform or digital e-copies.

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