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Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing programmes that are affordable and accessible.

Our plans have been designed to tackle absenteeism, reduce presenteeism and boost productivity.


Insurance Cover
Enhance your employee benefits package using our 3-in-1 service that goes beyond just providing mandatory insurance cover, at the same affordable price they already pay. Employers can select one or more of the insurance cover below. Please click on the one you are interested to find out more.


Health Risk Assessments
WellNewMe’s platform measures and improves all the key drivers of well-being, health and productivity, spanning personal, emotional, health & work issues. It does this by assessing the health risks of individuals using their medical histories and biometric screenings and then proffers advice to the individuals based on their health risks to developing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer.


Workplace Stress Assessments
WellNewMe uses an evidence-based approach in assessing stress levels within the workplace, of which the benefits of tackling stress in the workplace are clear. The quality of working life for your employees will be better; their productivity and morale will increase; their attendance levels will go up and sickness absence will go down – all benefits which will have a direct impact on how smoothly your company runs.


Workplace Safety Assessments
WellNewMe’s platform can be used by employers to recognise and control hazards in your workplace. It also helps with creating awareness among your employees – and use it as a training tool as well, setting risk management standards, based on acceptable safe practices and legal requirements. All which have been proven to reduce incidents in the workplace as well as increase employee engagement.


Mental Health Assessments
One of the many challenges facing organisational mental health is identifying the health risk that causes the problem in the first place and then receiving proper treatment. It’s important for organizations to support and empower employees who need assistance with mental health issues. By accurately assessing an individual’s area of risk, appropriate intervention strategies can then be provided to them. Furthermore, the positive impact of early intervention can also lead to a greater chance of cost savings for an organization.

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